I'm Making My First Physical Product

I'm Making My First Physical Product

I've had this itch to make something real, something tangible for a while now. And you might think - fantastic another person attempting to make a quick buck by selling me some crap.

Of course, some of the motivation comes from the desire to live the life of a successful entrepreneur. I'd be lying if I didn't admit this. But – whether you believe it or not – most of my motivation comes from my desire to see my ideas come to life.

The concept of conceiving something that holds practical value for others, a creation compelling enough that individuals are willing to invest in, fascinates me.

Let's Drop a Teaser, Shall We?

Some necessary backstory.

I've recently fallen headfirst into the wild world of 3D printing. And let me tell you, it's been like falling into the craziest wormhole you can imagine. There are so many possibilities!  

I've printed some articulated animals for my daughters to play with, a fidget toy for myself, an adapter to stick an AirTag onto the TV remote, and a bunch of handy kitchen gadgets. But, none of these seemed marketable to a larger audience.

So I set out to design my own product. Now, I'm just beginning the journey here and my 3D design skills are novice-level at best, but that shouldn't stop me from trying right?

My goal was that the design had to be useful for a specific group of people, and most importantly I wanted something unique. I mean, who wants to compete against hundreds of other Etsy shops selling 3D-printed dragons?

Drumroll, Please – What is it?

I'll be revealing the full product soon so you might as well get subscribed to my newsletter below if you're curious. Until then - watch this teaser video and maybe hazard a guess if you're feeling up for it.

Talk soon!