The Ambulance.

The Ambulance.
Photo by amin ramezani / Unsplash

"–he just passed out. Yeah, he's still breathing. Wait. He's coming to. Neville?" Neville looks up to see Andy holding a cell phone to his ear with a strained and worried look about him.

Looking around Neville realizes that he's back in his apartment. "I'm fine! Just too much Red Bull or something, no need to call anyone. Hang up the phone Andy!"

Andy looks at his friend, still laying on the floor, "We've got to get you checked out Neville, that was one serious spill." Andy's still holding the cell phone to his ear and says to the dispatcher on the other end "Yeah, we're at 195 Newton Drive Apartment 3761."

Neville stands. "I don't need a doctor. I'm fine! I just need some food. Likely passed out due to low blood sugar or something." He starts moving towards the door. "Let's go! You wanted to take me out a few minutes ago. I'm ready."

Andy follows after him, not putting down the phone, "Neville, we'll go out after you're checked out, okay? If the paramedics can clear you, then fine, but listen man I'm not going out in public with you if you're going to pass out and drown in your soup."

Neville, hearing the sirens of emergency responders, says "I'm not going anywhere near a hospital." He opens the door to his apartment, leaves, and heads down the long, dimly lit hallway toward the elevator bay.

"Yeah, that's right – he's refusing help. He just left the apartment. I'm following him. On the way to the elevator now."

Neville frantically hits the call button and he can see the closest elevator is a couple of floors away. The doors open and he gets inside, alone, and starts smashing the close door button repeatedly. Andy is able to get a hand between the doors just before they close tripping the failsafe causing the doors to reopen.

Shuffling into the elevator he says into the phone, "We're on the elevator now have the paramedics meet us in the lobby." Neville tackles Andy and the phone falls to the floor.

Andy gets control of the situation and pins Neville. He says, "Listen, friend. I'm just trying to help." looks concerningly at his friend and smiles. "You're a bright guy, but you sure can be stubborn."

Neville sensing defeat grunts in frustration "Fine, I'll see the paramedics, but I'm telling you I'm fine." Andy releases his grip and hits the button for the lobby.

A few moments later the elevator doors open on the lobby level and they step out. Waiting for them in the lobby are two paramedics and a police officer. "Are you the person who made the 9-1-1 call?"

"Yes – please check my friend out he's a bit delusional and doesn't know what he's talking about" Neville blurts out before Andy has a moment to speak.

"What – no I'm the one who made the 9-1-1 call! He's the guy, Neville? What are you doing? He needs medical attention, not me!" Andy is shocked. Almost embarrassed that he didn't think of this. There's no way anyone's going to believe him. He already sounds crazy. Wait. He remembers he made the 9-1-1 call so there's a record of it on his phone. He goes into his pocket to grab the phone. It's not there. Checks his other pocket. Nothing. Neville holds up Andy's phone and slides it into his pocket with a smile.

Neville then looks a the paraments and says, "I'm pretty sure he's gonna need to go to the hospital tonight. He's completely lost it – I don't even think he knows his real name."

The police officer turns to Neville and says "We're going to need you to stay for a bit and answer some questions for us if you don't mind."

"Sure officer anything you need," Neville says trying not to sound nervous.

"Neville! Tell them the truth. You need help!" Andy's words fall on deaf ears. The paramedics have him restrained and are checking his vitals as he continues to struggle.

"B.P. 143/99, pulse 121" He's definitely stressed. "Sir we're going to give you something to calm you down. We'll put you in restraints for your own protection. You're going to need to go to the emergency room with us to get some more tests done." They proceed to give him an IV and a dose of something. Andy becomes quiet almost immediately.

The police officer then turns to Neville and says "Okay what happened exactly?"

"I really don't know. One moment we were chatting about our wives and how we've finally got a guy's night together and then he just hits the floor. Hard. I really don't know what happened. We haven't been drinking. No drugs. I hope he's going to be okay." Neville makes lying look easy.

"We'll make sure to get him checked out. Thanks for calling it into us a lot of people try to sleep things like this off and wake up dead so he's going to have the best care tonight."

"Where are you taking him?" Neville asks trying to sound compassionate.

"He'll be going to the Jacob Hill Medical Center ER tonight." says one of the paramedics as they push passed him with Andy, unconscious from whatever they dosed him with, on a gurney.

"Thanks!" Says Neville and smiles politely. Then turning to the officer he says, "Do you need anything else from me?"

"Just a contact number in case we need to reach you."

"Sure. Andy Rizier. 555-1008"

"Thanks, Andy." The officer reaches out to shake Neville's hand, "Also if you think of anything else out of the ordinary tonight don't be afraid to give us a call, okay?"

Neville nods and the officer follows the paramedics out of the building.

Neville looks around at the lobby. His heart is beating a mile a minute. That was exhilarating. His mind is clearer than it's been in days. Watching the ambulance and police car leave the building he decides that he wants some fresh air himself and heads towards the front door of the complex.

The night air is cool and crisp. Andy was right about one thing, Neville thought, food is a great idea. He starts walking toward his favorite pizza bar. Normally he orders delivery, but tonight, he's feeling energized.